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September 3, 2018
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September 10, 2018

Stone Buddha Statue For Positive Energy

Buddha statues are used as décor accessories that add a calm element to interiors. People, who follow Feng Shui while designing their homes,
also use them to bring positive energy . However, did you know that as per Feng Shui, you feel the full benefit from the positive
energy only when you place the statue at the correct location.
Here we’ve highlighted a few Feng Shui tips that will help you to set a Buddha statue in the right place in your home and reap the benefits from the positive
energy flowing through the house.

RM Buddha

1.In the living room
This is the room where guests are seated, so it’s good to have a serene ambiance in it. Placing a Buddha statue in the living room helps to achieve that.
However, ensure that the statue faces the front door.

2.Facing the entrance door
Placing a Buddha statue inside your home so that it faces the front door not only attracts positive energy or chi, but also repels negative forces that
bring evil into the house. Rather than
placing the Buddha idol on the floor or atop a low stool, it’s recommended that the statue is set on a table or cabinet that is at least two and a half feet high.

3.Academic achievement
In your kids’ study area, placing a Buddha statue on the desk or on a wall shelf, where it can be seen when the child is working at the desk,
helps to introduce an auspicious element that adds positive energy and helps to achieve academic goals.

4.Fortune in the home office
You can also use a small Buddha idol in your work space either at home or at the office to attract positive energy that brings success in business
and prosperity. Place the statue on your desk or close to it.

5.In the garden
Gardens are for relaxation, and setting a Buddha statue in a corner works wonders in adding a soothing feel to the area.
Depending upon whether you use the garden for meditation or relaxation, a statue of Buddha, either in the meditating or reclining pose, is ideal.

6.Indoor meditation or yoga
A Buddha statue enhances the positive energy in a room that is dedicated to meditation or practising yoga. Keep the statue either at eye-level or higher
so that you can
gaze upon it when you are seated. A statue in white marble is perfect as it adds a soothing element to the area.

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